Getting an error message when trying to import using Delta CSV template? Here's what they mean and what you need to do:

Invalid combination "Sent/Received from", "Sent to" or "Type": 

The combination of sent from and sent to either does not match the type entered or is not a valid entry. For example OTHER to Binance should be a DEPOSIT and this error will come up if you entered it as a TRANSFER instead. Check this article for the correct combinations for TRANSFER, DEPOSIT or WITHDRAW.

Invalid combination (not supported on exchange): 

This means that the Base currency / Quote currency pair entered is not supported for that particular exchange in the app. Check the pair or the exchange and make sure the pair exists in the app.

Error Code 400:

One your lines has Base amount = 0 which is not allowed.

Failed to validate: feeCurrency of anything other than currency, is not yet supported: 

At this time, we only support fees in the coin being transferred. For example, if you are transferring some NEO, the fees can only be in NEO.

The specified date and is in the future, which isn't allowed. Maybe you used an unsupported format?: 

The date (and time) must be in the format specified in the template.
yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss TZD 

Failed to parse: 

Typically the case for Base amount, Quote amount or Fee. Make sure these are numbers and there is no text. Commas are not allowed. For example, enter ten thousand as 10000 and not as 10,000.

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