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I have a wrong or negative asset balance
I have a wrong or negative asset balance

How to deal with a negative/incorrect asset balance

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To get accurate asset balances, please see the brief tips below as well as the detailed steps further down.

Tips to get accurate balances

  1. Add all of your exchanges, brokers, and wallets into Delta.

  2. Please ensure that all your trades have been imported correctly.

  3. If you have trades on exchanges or transactions to/from wallets or exchanges that are not connected to Delta, please add those manually.

  4. Please note that a few exchange connections have limitations (imposed by the exchanges) which limit us from importing your full transaction history. You can read about the limitations here. These trades will have to be added manually.

  5. Ensure that when adding exchange or wallet connections, you have selected the appropriate options. Please read through this guide for how to add exchange connections.

  6. When adding a broker connection, only the past 90 days worth of transactions can be imported due to API limitations. Any trades made longer than 90 days ago will need to be entered manually.

Common reasons for wrong or negative values

Transaction history is not fully imported or added

For example:
​You buy 1 ETH on Coinbase
​You transfer that 1 ETH from Coinbase to your ETH wallet.
If you only connect Coinbase to Delta, the app will see that purchase and the withdrawal to an address and will subsequently show a 0 ETH balance. Thus you need to manually add the 1 ETH deposit to "My Wallet" or edit the withdrawal entry to convert it into a Transfer to "My Wallet" or alternatively, connect the ETH wallet to Delta.

Limitations imposed by exchanges to API connections

Exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, and KuCoin have imposed limitations on how 3rd parties can access/use their API. These limitations, sometimes, prevent us from importing your full transaction history from that exchange. You can read about the limitations here. For example:
​You buy 100 EOS for 0.1 BTC on Binance
​You sell the 100 EOS for 0.12 BTC on Binance and end up with 0 EOS
Because Delta cannot query trades for coins with 0 balances, the app will not import those EOS trades and thus will not register the + 0.02 BTC made from these trades.

You have duplicate entries

A common mistake is to add connections to an exchange for which you have already manually added some data. You can avoid this by turning on the "Remove existing transactions" toggle while adding the exchange connection.

You have performed some margin trades

At the moment, Delta does not support margin trades, so such transactions (for example, margin trades on Bitfinex) will be imported incorrectly. We are working on a solution to fully support such transactions but meanwhile, these will have to be added or corrected manually.

If you cannot solve the issue after reading the above instructions, you can adjust the balance of the coin by adding a deposit (a Transfer from "Other / Unknown" to an exchange or "My Wallet") to increase your holdings or a withdrawal (a Transfer from "My Wallet" to "Other / Unknown") to reduce your holdings.

PRO TIP: Please double-check that there are no errors on the connections page and that the connection has successfully imported all available transactions. If there is an error on the connections page, it will explain what went wrong.

PRO TIP 2: Please note that broker account connections are limited to refresh once every 24 hours. This means if you have refreshed the connection and then make a trade, this will not import into Delta until 24 hours have passed since the last refresh. You can see the time of the next refresh on the connections page.

PRO TIP 3: Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at if you have any further questions.

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