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Device Limit Reached

Have you received the device limit reached message on desktop or web?

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Using your eToro login you'll be able to easily and seamlessly sync your data between your devices, be it your mobile devices, or your mobile and our Desktop app.

Interested in using the Delta app on more than two devices? Our PRO subscribers enjoy being able to sync up to five devices to the same Delta Account. For more information on the PRO membership benefits, check out The Benefits of PRO.

The free version of Delta allows syncing up to two devices to your eToro login, in any combination of mobile or desktop app.

When logging into a third device you'll be asked which devices you want to stay logged into Delta, your data will be safe but the third device will be logged out.

Have questions on this or anything else related to Delta? We're here to help! Simply get in touch via the Support section of your Delta app and we'll get you back up and running.

Happy tracking!

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