Help! I lost my data

This guide will help you try and recover your portfolio quickly

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Oh no! There are a number of ways you could have lost your data. You could have changed your device to a new one, overwritten the portfolios with a new account, restored your portfolio onto another device with a recovery QR code, or deleted your portfolio, among others.

Please do not worry, there are a few steps you can take to try and recover your portfolio.

How to recover my data?

All you need to do is follow the questions to get to the correct steps in this article here. Once you are at the correct steps, follow them as instructed for the best chance to help you recover your portfolio.

Once you have performed the relevant steps, you should have restored your portfolio! πŸ™Œ

I deleted my portfolio

I wish I had better news for you but once you delete the portfolio/transactions, they are deleted from our servers for good and there is no way to retrieve these. The only way the data can be deleted would be for you to go into deleting the portfolio/transaction and then press the button to confirm and acknowledge that this action is irreversible.

Unfortunately, you will need to go through and reconnect your exchange API, broker, and wallet connections to import any trades/transactions you may have imported. For the rest, you will need to manually re-add these transactions. Luckily, this is very fast and easy to do in Delta so your portfolio should be back up and running in no time! 😊 If just a few transactions were deleted, go into Delta -> Tap the asset of the deleted transactions -> Transactions and match the transactions there to what you see in your wallet/exchange/broker.

If you deleted everything, you can follow this guide here to help you rebuild your portfolio. I am sorry there is nothing more we can do for you in this case. Please note that even if you reach out to us, we will not be able to recover your portfolio since it is irreversible and completely deleted from our servers.

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