Getting an error message after scanning a QR code while trying to sync, transfer or recover data? Here's what they mean and what you need to do / not do:

Failed to sync/transfer!: 

Make sure you have an internet connection on both devices and try again. If that fails please contact support.

Migration token was already used: 

You cannot use the same QR code twice (except for backups). Create a new QR code and try again.

Migration token expired: 

You cannot use a QR code once it expires. (Sync and transfer QR codes expire after 10 minutes). Create a new QR code and try again.

Migration token is of the wrong type: 

You are mixing sync/transfer/backup codes. Try with the appropriate QR code.

Cannot migrate to the same user: 

You cannot sync/transfer to a device that is already synced.

Migration token refers to a deleted user/device: 

Please contact support.

You reached the maximum of 2 or 5 synced devices: 

Free users are limited to 2 devices in sync and PRO users can sync up to 5 devices. To increase the limit from 2 to 5, please upgrade to Delta PRO. If you are already at 5 devices, remove a device first by following this guide here and then try again.

Disallowing sync/transfer from a user which has 0 transactions: 

We do not allow syncing / transferring data from a device that has 0 transactions, as a safety measure to prevent reverse sync/transfer that ends up wiping actual data. If you really want to sync an empty device onto another device, add a dummy transaction to it.

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